Economics f585 2014

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Q1 - distinguish between the NEER and the REER (4m)

Q2 - analyse the impact of loosening monetary policy on economic growth (6m)

Q3 - comment on the effectiveness of austerity in promoting economic recovery in an economy such as Latvia (10m)

Q4 - Explain what is meant by the term the operation of automatic stabilisers (4m)

Q5 - Analyse 2 advantages for a country, such as Iceland, of operating a free floating exchange mechanism (6m)

Q6 - Comment on the extent to which reliance upon export led growth is an effective strategy for resource rich LEDC's, such as those in Sub Saharan Africa (10m)

Q7 - Discuss whether UK governments view…


richard Webb


Hi where did you get these questions or are they your own?



my teacher gave them to us



do u have answers for them??

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