economic objectives

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Mussolini’s prime motivation throughout his time in authority was to make both Italy and himself “great, respected and feared”. Thus Mussolini’s economic objected were centred on improving Italy’s international standing, making her economy strong enough to support an aggressive foreign policy. His economic objectives were grouped into so called battles called; the battle for gain, the battle for land and the battle for the lira.


· cut down on exports and turn all available land to wheat growing

· wanted to make Italy economically stronger & near enough self sufficient [hence desire to grow grain]

· plan was to grow grain at the expense of fruit & veg which were cheaper to produce

· Italian grain became expensive at home & the price of bread rose

· This hit the poor harder as bread was part of their main diet

· Rich farmers did well as they were guaranteed a good price

· other crops suffered as wheat was often grew in soil which


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