Economic developement

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what they do-

Work in 26 African and Asian countries. 

They Aim to provide CLEAN water in a SUSTAINABLE way.

Burkina Faso:) 

physical Problems-

  • Land locked- 274 thousand km!
  • densely populated 12.4 million
  • reduced rainfall levels
  • droughts 

Human problems

  • few schools, health facilities and public services
  • Very poor
  • ONLY 51% have access to clean water!
  • 12% have access to sainitation

large numbers are moving into towns leading to slums :( 

water aids aims-

  • help 50,000 gain access to clean water. 
  • support locall organisations
  • raise there own funds to help water pumps keep going
  • train locals


  • 32000 people gained access to clean water 
  • started a credit scheme for sanitation and soap making enterprise with women
  • supported the establishment of water and sanitation

Yake- they put a water pump in the villiage to provide locals with clean water

socially sustainable- prevents people wanting to move away and over crowding cities.

economically sustainable- wont cost a large amount each year.

environmentally sustainable- doesnt effect the enviroment.




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