Earthquakes case study (MEDC)

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Hey, I got this from my GCSE Geography CGP revision guide and I memorised it so I'm just typing it here to see if I remembered it.

Rich country (MEDC):

Place: L'Aquila, Italy

Date: 6th April 2009 (Just remember 649, that's what I did!)

Size: 6.3 richters on the richter scale

Cause: Movement along a crack in the plate at a destructive margin


  • There are laws on construction standards but some buildings weren't built to withstand earthquakes.
  • The Civil Protection Department trains volunteers so they can help with things like rescure operations.

Primary impacts:

  • 290 deaths (mostly from collapsed buildings).
  • Hundreds of…



Really Helpful, Thanks!   Got my exam this friday, and this will certainly help me lots!!  :)


Same i got Geography exam on Friday.. Very helpful + useful Thanks!


Thanks ! :D

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