Earthquakes-Case Study: LEDC Kashmir,Pakistan

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Rich and poor countries are affected differently

The effects and responses ( how everyone reacts) to them are different in different parts of the world. 

Place: Kasmir,pakistan

Date:8th October,2005

Size:7.6 on the Richter scale

Cause: Movement along a crack in the plate at a destructive plate boundary.  Eurasion and Indian plate hitting each other

Cost of damage: Around $5 billion


  • No local disaster planning was in place.
  • Buildings were not designed to be earthquake resistant
  • Communications were poor. There were few roads and they were badly constructed.

Primary effects:

  • 79,000 deaths,mostly from collapsed buildings
  • Hundreds and thousands of people injured
  • 75% of buildings destroyed 
  • Entire villages and thousands of buildings were destroyed 
  • Water pipelines and electricity lines were broken, cutting





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