Dynamic Development Q&A


Dynamic Development revision Q&A

1. Name the four employment sectors with job examples.

- Primary - Secondary - Teritary - Quarternary

2. What does AC, EDC and LIDC stand for and give an example.

- Advanced Country (UK) 

- Emerging and Developing Country (Brazil)

- Lower Income Developing Country (Zambia)

3. What is the North south divide? Who was is by? When was it used?

- The rich north and poor south is the divide. It was created by Willy Brandt, which is why its known as the brandt line. It was used in1980.

4. Name social indicators of development.

- Education, health, employment rates and gender equality, life expectancy, birth rate & death rate.

5. Name economic indicators of development. 


6. Difference between absolute poverty and relative poverty. 

- Absolute poverty is when a person has no clean running water, no shelter and no


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