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  • dye can be applied at different manfuacturing stages, i.e.;
    - DOPE
    - STOCK
    - YARN
    - PIECE


  • came into existence to improve the drawbacks from winch or jig
  • used for bacth dyeing operations like dyes, bleaching or washing
  • dyeing is completed in a closed tube system with a pump and a shallow bath of dye
  • fabric about to be dyed forms a rope and tied into a loop
  • the pump supplied the dye solution and is pushed by water/air transporting the fabric around the dye system
  • some slight turbulence is created to help jet penetration and prevents fabric from touching walls of machine, decreasing impact


  • one of the oldest methods for dyeing
  • suitable for dyeing woven fabrics up to boiling temp without creasing
  • open/closed are the two types of jig machine dyeing
  • fabric is…


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