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. 6 positive functions of crime 

1) Crime is inevitable 

Society works best through shared values and having an economic interdependence upon one another, society may eventually collapse but we need to ensure values are passed on from one generation to the next. 

The maintenance of values is a crucial function of society

Not everyone follows the collective conscience as people are naturally self seeking so crime as a result is an inevtiable part of society. 

Crime and deviance only become harmful for soceity when they become out of control, therefore the job of primary and secondary socialisation agencies to ensure members don't stray from the norms and values. 

. Interactionisits would argue that the assumptions made by functionalists are overly determinisitc and people are just puppets of their socialisation. individuals have conciousness and may react to socialisation in a variety of ways. 

. Overly too large scale and ignores individual interaction

. Crime is a functional and necessary for society to continue, what is classed as deviant today will be tomorrows norm. 

. Genetic engineering for example was once deemed to be a deviant act by Scientists, yet today it is used to cure illness and provide better crop yeilds. 

Collective conscience can


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