Duration of the LTM and STM

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The duration of information in the short term memory is very short. According to the msm model, it stays here and then decays or is displayed by other information unless it is rehearsed through maintenance rehearsal, vocally or subvocally. It was said that rehearsal strengthens the memory trace by repeatedly inserting the information into the Stm loop. 

A study which investigated the duration of information in the Stm was the trigram technique by peterson peterson in 1959. They wanted to see how long the trace of memory in the Stm would continue without rehearsal.

P - he gave participants consonant trigrams which werent pronouncable, and asked them to recall the trigram after counting backwards in threes from a given number. This was repeated a couple times with different trigrams.

R - he found that 80 percent of trigrams were recalled after 3 seconds, but only 10 percent…


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