Duke of Northumberland Historiography


Traditionalists = dislike him.

  • "Traitor, schemer, arch-deciver"
    • AJ Pollard described Northumberland as "the subtlest intriguer in English history" i.e. he was a schemer.
      • Evidence to Support this: He posed as a Henrician Catholic to gather the support of the Catholics within the Privy Council, such as the Thomas Wriostheley, in order to remove Somerset. Once he was in power, he appointed his Protestant supporters like Thomas Darcy and his own brother, Andrew Dudley to the council. The Devise is the ultimate example of his ambitions and scheming - he married his son, Guildford, to Lady Jane Grey and plotted Edward to appoint her as his successor
    • Alison Weir described Northumberland as 'the Evil Duke'.
  • Foreign Policy
    • Nigel Heard described the Treaty of Boulogne as a "humiliating peace alliance" which was signed with a "traditional enemy" and it was seen as a "national disgrace".
  • Manipulation of Edward
    • AF Pollard described Edward VI as a 'Boy King' who was easily manipulated. 
    • GR Elton agrees, saying Edward's "so-called opinions were those of his advisers".

Revisionists = liked him.

  • Political Prowess
    • Dale Hoak


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