Duke of Northumberland - Good or Bad Duke?

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Duke of Northumberland:

Positive Policies/Actions/Events:

  • He appointed himself as Lord President of the Council rather than Lord Protector.
  • The policy of Scottish Garrisons was abandoned
  • The council was remodeled by Paget- so that it worked as a more united body
  • Efforts were made to reduce food prices and to improve funds for poor relief
  • In 1550 Northumberland negotiated the return of Boulogne to the french in exchange for a lump sum of 400 crowns
  • From 1550 there was peace with France - Edward agreed to a betrothal to a french princess
  • He appionted a royal commision to investigate the revenue courts and make them more efficient.
  • Under his direction Cecil and Mildmay greatly reduced crown debts
  • Used Thomas Gresham to negotiate better interest rates on forgien


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