Ducle Et decorum Est (poem) PEEL Paragragh

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How Wilfred Owen Uses Figurative language to create the effects of war in the poem Dulce et Decorum Est? (PEEL PARAGRAGH)

In Dulce et decorum Est Owen uses similes to create the effect of war, “Bent double Like old beggars under sacks" I can infer that the soldiers have been disenchanted from the lie and illusion of war being noble, honourable and ethical. The soldiers feel deservedand regard England with extreme repugnance and aversion and it’s like they are being used by England to do the dirty work. In this quote Owen also suggest a misinterpretation a war as we would expect soldiers to be young and fit you wouldn’t expect them to be called “old beggars” it is like they have aged with the tremor of war. I can infer from the word "old “that war has scared the soldiers with a lifetime of horror. It is as if the war ground is a land where time travels


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