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Purchasing process questions 

1. Where would you begin your research for a product specifically for alzheimers?

Ask carers group for recommendation or friends/family memebers in a professional capacity. Or type in the specific product needs into google.

2. How do you feel about the products already on the market, made for alzheimers?

Lots of useful products, but many of them dont fit the specific requirements, e.g. we were looking for an analogue tracker watch, but the are all digital and overpriced.

3.How are you motiviated to buy products? convenience, price?

Good price is important, but mainly that it does what we want it to do. Also the convenience of online, and not having to go to the shops.

4. What are the benigits to finding a product that fits criteria and is useful?

The benifits are potentially life changing, and with be helpful to both the client and the user. E.g. With a tracking watch we will be able to eaily find the user as he walks off frequently.

Product specification questions 

1. What are the hardest daily tasks for the carer and user?

Balancing their


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