A drug is a chemical which changes the chemical process of the body. Some drugs are illegal but the majority are legal such as: alcoho, tabacco, caffine, antibiotics and statins. Many drugs are developed from natural compounds that people have been using for years. 

The most common legal drugs are alcohol and tabacco. Both of these drugs have a greater effect on the body than illegal drugs. 

Alcohol - is a poison which affects the nervous system, it is a deppressant drug menaing is slows down the reactions of the brain. 

Tobacco - contains a mixture of different chemicals such as nicotine which affects the brain and is addictive. It also contains tar, this is the componet which causes cancers.  Lastly, Carbon monoxide reduces th amount of oxygen that the red blood cells can pick up. 

Cigarettes first became popular during the First World War, at first the effect calmed people down and made them feel better if they were ill. It took 40 years before the link between smoking and lung cancer was discovered. Richard Doll made this link, he interviewed 700 people with lung cancer and a found a correlation between the people with lung cancer and smoking. (The majority of people with lung cancer had previsously smoked).

Illegal Drugs - these drugs are not permitted by law. Alcohol and Tabacco should be illegal drugs as their effect is much more dangerous than some illegal drugs, but because they have been around for so long they are legal. Cannabis, Cocaine and Heroin are examples of illegal drugs.

Cannabis - This is made from dried leaves of a cannabis plant. It is usually smoked and mixed with tabacco. Like tabacco is can cause lung canger and bronchitis. 

People who take the drug comment is makes them feel relaxed and happy and it can also cure pain of diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. The evidence as to how dangerous the drug is varies. It is thought that people suffer from mental health issues as a result of taking cannabis and that cannabis causes people to move onto harder drugs. 

Cocaine and Heroin - These are two types of drugs which come from opium poppes. These drugs cause people to become relaxed and happy but as they change the chemical…


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