Dream Analysis

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Dream analysis links to the assumption that behaviour is influenced by different levels of consciousness, and most important in relation to dream analysis is the unconscious mind which cannot express itself directly but relies on dreams.

Dream analysis aims to interpret dreams and provide the client with an insight and understanding behind their repressed desires, therefore leading them to a state of catharsis. The client freely recalls their dreams, with no direction from the analyst. This links to the assumption that we have different levels of unconsciousness and the id is the pleasure principle that drives our fantasies and desires.

The idea is to get underneath the manifest content, what we dream about and remember, to reveal the latent content. This is the hidden wish that needs to be analysed. The process to reveal this is called dreamwork and includes:

  • Displacement- where we change one object, person or emotion into another.
  • Condensation- where we combine two or more features into one.
  • Symbolisation- where one object or person is symbolic of something else.




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