Dream Analysis - Main Components


Dream Analysis - The Main Components

Dreams as wish fulfilment

  • The idea that dreams are where your id gets to act out its demands and desires.
  • Freud beleieved that all dreams were the unconscious fulfilment of wishes (known as primary-process thought) that could not be satisfied in the conscious as the ego would stp it.
  • Dreams therefore protect the sleeper allowing us to express and live out some of these desires/wishes/fantasies. 
  • However, the repression of these true desires are seen to be a source of mental and behavioural disorders, and so the therapy aims to interpret dreams to uncover the true wishes they represent.

The Symbolic Nature of Dreams

  • Objects or images in your dream represent unconscious emotions or desires and memories.
  • Dream analysis works on the principle that what the dreamer recalls, the manifest content, is a symbolic representation of the truth/latent content buried in their unconscious.
  • Latent content - the true wishes and desires
  • Manifest content - how these desires are symbolised in the dream we remember.


  • The process of changing the latent content into the manifest content is known as


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