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I am an actor in my most recent performance 'Broadmore', the performance is Devised Thematic - the script we used was from the play 'Psychosis' by Sarah Kane. The style of my performance is Psychotic Thriller and non-naturalistic with elements of naturalism and the theme is tragedy and addresses metal health and its repercussions. Our performance space is our Schools Drama Studio. Our target audience is young adults [14 and above] we think this is an appropriate age group as the themes and ideas we are exploring throughout our piece are mature and must be handled with care.

0/2 = Explain:

In my early stages of rehearsals, I helped in preparation in the practical work to create an engaging piece of work. As I used hot seating in my group to allow all the people in my group to develop our characters, for example through hot seating one of my group members Emily developed her stare which became very chilling and engaged the audience and achieved our goal of creating a tense and unsettling atmosphere. Another example of how a mind map was used to develop out piece in its early stages as we wrote down all our scenes allowing us to figure which scenes fit best together improving our plot and making our acting transitions more slick and sophisticated.

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In my group I had a few problems when it came to communication, this was evident in our rehearsals as we sometimes said lines in places we shouldn't. In particular in our visitation


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