Drama: Blue Remembered Hills Notes: Raymond

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Character of Raymond

Raymond is a sensitive and refined character. However, he can be seen to be confident at times. Raymond can be seen as a clingy character, that follows other characters around, although he can be seen to mostly cling to John and looks up to him as a role model.

Vocally, Raymond is quiet, with a low volume, slightly high pitch and unsure tone. He most notably has a stutter, which can dominate his conversation at times.

Physically, Raymond is refined. He has a slightly hunched posture and an unsure gait. His gesture is usually closed, with his arms wrapped around himself, as a form of comfort. His facial expression is usually one of discomfort, with his eyebrows creased and mouth contorted.

Raymond takes up little stage space, due to his shy and refined characteristics. Raymond doesn't like to be the centre of attention. He is roughly seven years old, although he can act both mature and immature at different times, depending on the situation.

His sensitive, yet mature side can be seen during the scene in which the boys find the dead squirrel they have knocked out of the tree. Raymond knows they've done something wrong by killing the squirrel, showing his mature side and later, after inspecting the squirrel he 'half-sobs poor little devil!' This shows how thin skinned and sensitive Raymond is.

Raymond doesn't have any siblings and currently is only living with his mother, because his…


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