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The Caucasian Chalk Circle begins with a dispute over land between two peasant groups after the land was abandoned when the Germans invaded in World War II. As the two groups haggle it out, the group who win begin to tell the story of the Chalk Circle to help them with their dispute.

During a time of revolution chaos ensues across the land. The rich Governor’s wife, Natella, is trying to run away with as many precious goods as possible. Her young child, Michael, is a terrible encumbrance for the woman and she longs to get rid of him. As she flees for her life, she leaves her child with the servant girl Grusha.

Grusha runs away with the child, afraid for the boy’s life because the new regime are out to kill the Governor’s family. She risks her life to cross the countryside during winter and flees to her brother’s house.

Grusha’s brother forces her to marry a man who is supposedly dying. They hold a wedding, but during the reception they…


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