drainage basins

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Drainage basins

  • An area of land drained by a river
  • drainage basins are open systems:
    • there are inputs of water to drainage basins
    • water flows through them and is stored in them
    • there are outputs of water from drainage basins 

inputs - precipitation 

flows-surface runoff --- channel flow --- infiltration ---- throughflow --- groundwater flow ---   percolation 

stores- channel storage --- groundwater storage --- interception storage --- surface storage 

outputs- evaporation --- transpiration --- river flow into the sea 


--> they are seperated by a boundary called a watershed 

--> they are ridges of highland water fallinh either side of these ridges will go into different drainage basins

key features of a drainage basin:

  • a tribituary is a smaller river that joins a main river
  • the source is where the river starts, usually in a upland area e.g. a mountain
  • a counfluence is a point where two rivers join
  • the mouth…


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