Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Plot Summary

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The narrative begins with Mr Utterson and Enfield taking a walk. During their walk, they see a strange and sinister building, which happens to be attached to Utterson's good friend, Dr Jekyll's house. On seeing this building, Enfield tells the tale of Mr Hyde, the occupant of the derelict house. He tells Utterson about how Hyde trampled on a young girl's leg and had no remorse about his evil actions.

Utterson becomes obsessed with Mr Hyde and his story and wants to meet him. He begins to enquire about Mr Hyde and watches the door.

Finally, Utterson meets Mr Hyde and he is greatly shocked by the man. He feels a great sense of worry and despair when he has a conversation with him. Utterson goes to warn Dr Jekyll but Poole, Jekyll's butler, says he is not around and Jekyll has ordered them all to let Mr Hyde come and go as he pleases.

Two weeks later, at a friend's dinner party, Utterson asks Jekyll about his will - about the main benefactor being Mr Hyde. Jekyll laughs off Utterson's worries and asks him to speak no more of the matter. Jekyll assures Utterson that he has it all…


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