Dr Jekyll & Mr Hdye

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Grave robbers and drugs play a part in the novel - Dr Jekyll discovered drug to turn him into Mr Hyde. 

Henry Jekyll was a Doctor at the time doctors would lead double lives - digging up graves to find medical success for dissections.

Stevenson’s life

The author was born Robert Louis Stevenson, in Edinburgh in 1850.

Born to respectable middle class parents, Stevenson was an only child.

As a child, Stevenson was influenced by the strict chirstian beliefs of his nanny, Alison Cunningham.

As an adult, Stevenson was interested in the behaviour of Victorian gentlemen – the way they maintained an outwardly respectable appearance, but secretly indulged immoral behaviour.

Stevenson was particularly interested in a man called Deacon Brodie. He was a respectable cabinet maker who led a secret life as a robber at night.

Stevenson also lead a double life his-self as he grew up in the respectable new…


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