domestic policy under wolsey

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Domestic policy under Wolsey


  • the court of star chamber increased in importance in 1516 wolsey wanted to stop it being so corrupt and used it to challenge power

  • the court of chancery

  • wolsey deided things that caused legal precedents

  • cases dealt within property, will , contracts

  • established permanent judicial system to deal with cases of the poor

  • bleak house

alter rex?

  • Elthan ordinances 1526

  • tried to perform royal household to ensure the political supremecy

  • the king ordered wolsey and wolsey did as he asked so king had more power but wihtout wolsey he would not have that so they needed eachother

  • wolsey was very manipulative but king officially held more official power whereas

  • if the king droppped wolsey he would struggle so they had different types of power


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