Domestic division of labour

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Talcott Parsons (1955) - He argues that the roles husbands and wives have are biologically determined. he explains this through instrumental & expressive roles

  • Intrusmental Role: Husband has an instrumental role which is geared towards achieving succes. They're the main breadwinners.
  • Expressive Role: The wife has an expressive role geared towards nurturing and primary socialisation of the family. She is the home maker. 

Criticism of Parsons:
-Young & Wilmott (1962) argue men are now taking a greater role in sharing domestic tasks.
-Feminists reject that the roles are biological and argues that it only benefits men.

Young & Wilmott (1973) -They take a march of progress view of the family; see family life as gradually improving improving. Argue that Joing congugal roles are becoming more of the norm.

  • Long-term trend away from


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