Do you think that Media was the biggest influence on the Americans leaving the war?

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The media did have a very large effect on the Americans finally backing out on war, however, there were other facts that contribute to this. 

Main points: 


  • 'TV war'- more graphic than ever
  • Covered things like the Tet Offensive and helped people to rise up
  • Celebrities making their opinions heard


  • The economic problems
  • Conscription at 18, draft dodgers, the attitude of the soldiers
  • Defeats and the Tet Offensive

Main Paragraphs-


One of the main reasons why the media had the largest effect on how the Americans saw their part in the Vietnamese war as wrong was that this was the first time that the media was not censored. The censorship of the media made it hard for Americans to see what would really happen in war. This was named the first 'TV war' or 'Living room war', because 'Life' Magazine began to publish what was really happening. The pictures that were published in the magazines were also put in colour, which was also very new for the Americans. This meant that the blood and gore on the magazines was very graphic for them. The Americans were effected by this as it made them feel more sympathy for the people that were mutilated by their own people. The uprising in the media meant that it was a big influence as it caused more protests and people began to turn against their army as they saw what they were doing. 

Another reason the the media being the biggest effect on their backing out of the war was that the media covered all of the main events like the main event that caused uprising- the Tet Offensive. Without the media in America, people around the country would not have known about what had happened to the students and less of an uproar would have occured. This again effected the influence of the media as it made people more aware of the events that were happening. 

Celebrities also had a large influence on the American public. People who wouldn't normally watch the News and read the papers and such, would know about celebrities from the television and would have discussions about them as part of life. This meant that celebrities would broaden the horizons of the people that were not invloved the other aspects of the media. Celebrities such as Martin Luther king and Muhammad Ali spoke out about their opinions on the war. This meant that the media was a large factor in Americas backing out of the war as this again made more people aware of what was happening, creating more people protesting and more pressure on the government.


However, the media was not the only thing that had an…


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