Do you agree with the view that the prime cause of the miners' strike in 1984 was the Conservative gorvernment's determination to reduce trade union power?

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SOURCE 1 argues that the prime cause of the miners strike in 1984  was the Conservative government's determination of reducing the power of trade union as it is convinced of a long term plan to destroy trade union power. This was made clear as the government had been stock pilling fuel  whilst slowly, but surely removing powers from the trade unions to provoke a reaction as people felt like they had no real power over the government. They wanted to reassert their power by striking but had no real effect as the stock pilling of fuel enabled the government to further undermine the trade unions power as the miners were no longer needed and could not provoke chaos as the government already had enough fuel available.

SOURCE 3 argues that the prime cause of the miners strike in 1984 was due…


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