Do you agree with the view that the industiral choas of the winter of 1978-9 primarily accounts for Mrs Thatcher's election victory in 1979?

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Source 1 states that  the industrial chaos of the winter of 1978 was clearly a primary reason why Thatcher won the election of 1979 , as Callaghan had already made many mistakes during his time as prime minister but the winter of discontent destroyed any chance of him being trusted by the British public ever again. Already, the International monetary fund crisis had already lost trust in Callaghan. This a because the need for the IMF showed that the government spending was clearly getting out of hand and by using the IMF was a humilation to Britain as this had been set up help failing third world countries so to have Britain's status reduced to that, annoyed many Britons. What made the situation worse was that this loan was given in a return for a promise to cut public spending which caused outrage among the unions and many inside the…


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