DNA Sequencing

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2 methods - Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes and Chain termination method

Chain Termination method

Only used for sequencing fragments up to a certain length

  • 1. PCR used to create lots of fragments of different sizes
  • 2. Gel electrophoresis used to seperate the fragments
  • 3. As the fragments reach the end of the gel, a computer takes them up and notes down the sequence of bases. As the fragments get larger, one base is added each time, so eventually the computer has built up the entire sequence of the whole DNA strand

Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) method:

Can be used for sequencing the entire genome

  • 1. Genome cut into smaller fragments using restriction enzymes
  • 2. Fragments are inserted into BACs, which are man-made plasmids
  • 3. BACs are inserted into bacteria. Each BAC…


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