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Exam-Styled Questions:

1. Describe the molecular structure of DNA In DNA there are two strands which hold together two polyneucleotides in antiparallel.

The strands holding the base pairs (adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine) are twisted together to form a double helix due to bond lengths, which gives the molecule stability. Hydrogen bonds play and important role in holiding the structure together as they allow easy unzipping for copying and reading information. The structure of DNA consists of polynucleotides, nucleotides,complementary base pairs. The sequence of the bases store information and the information is stored in codes in order to be able to produce proteins. Molecules in DNA are long and so they can store a large amount of information and the complementary base pairing occurs so that information can be replicated. The double helix structure of DNA consists of a sugar-phopshate backbone and is a double-stranded polynucleotide.

2. Give three ways in which the structure of DNA a molecule enables it to carry out its functions:

  • The molecules in DNA


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