Divine Intervention in The Aeneid

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Book One: Storm and Banquet

Juno: Instigating the storm

Aeolus: Producing the storm

Neptune: Stopping the storm

Venus: Enquiring about Aeneas' fate to Jupiter, Spartan Girl (Expositional), Mist, Enhances Aeneas' Appearance, Sends down Cupid

Jupiter: Aeneas Descendants, Sends down Mercury

Mercury: Gives the Trojans a warm welcome on Carthage

Cupid: Takes place of Iulus, makes Dido fall in love with Aeneas

Book Two: The Fall Of Troy

Minerva: They think she's connected to the Trojan Horse, Laocoon's Death happens as soon as the Trojan Horse goes over the border of Troy - too powerful to not be divine?

Venus: Appears to Aeneas when he's about to kill Cassandra telling him to leave Troy with his family

Mars: Appears in the battle, physical symbol of War

Neptune: Let's Troy fall?

Juno: Blamed for Venus for her part in the War

Jupiter: Fire on Ascanius' hair is an omen for Jupiter to leave, according to Ascanius

Book Four: Dido

Juno: Instigates the marriage of Aeneas and Dido, sends the thunder that leads them into the cave to get married, Ends Dido's suffering by sending down Iris to relieve her from death

Venus: Agrees to the marriage of Aeneas and Dido

Rumour: Spreads the message of Aeneas and Dido's marriage, sends words of Aeneas' departure, spreads the message of Dido's death

Jupiter: Sends down Mercury to make Aeneas leave Carthage and embark upon his fate

Mercury: Tells Aeneas to leave, appears to Aeneas in a dream and repeats the instruction

Iris: Mitigates Dido's death by making it over swifter

Book Five: The Funeral Games

Rumour: Brings everyone to watch the Funeral Games

Jupiter: Acestes' Flaming Arrow as a sign of fate, saves most of Aeneas' fleet from the fire

Juno: Sends down Iris to get the women to burn the ships

Iris: Gets Trojan Women to burn the ships

Venus: Begs for Aeneas' safety to Neptune…


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