Diversity, Classification, different types of Natural selection and Variation

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- Different version of one gene is called alleles.

- Genetic diversity within a population is increased by 

     -> Mutation in the DNA.

     -> New alleles being introduced to a population. (e.g Migrates)

- Genetic diversity leads to natural selcetion.

- Natural selection:

Mutation can sometimes lead to new alleles. These could be harmful, so that specie will die out quickly. However, some mutations lead to creation of beneficial alleles that increases the survival rate of that species. So its frequency is likely to increase within the population through reproduction. A higher percentage of the new generation are likely to have these mutated alleles.

- Genetic bottleneck leads to reduction in genetic diversity;

This happens when there is a great reduction in the number of the population. ( E.g natural disasters, viral disease ...)

Bottleneck reduces genetic diversity due to a drop in variation of alleles, and only the ones…


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