Disruptive behaviour

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Disruptive behaviour


Conduct:Distracting others, attention seeking, calling out and out of seat behaviour.

Immaturity: Takes the form of bullying, can be verbal or physical.When someone is not of the same level of maturity of other children their own age.

ADHD: easily distracted, restless, shouting out, having difficulty in following instructions and interupting other.

causes of ADHD: can be genetics high prevelance rates in identical twins. Or Biochemical, neurotransmitters such as dopamine and adrenaline ahve been linked with ADHD. Finally physiological arousal where either the central nervous system is over aroused or udner aroused.

Poor teaching styles:Kounin found 5 charachteristcs of effective teachers: withitness (know what is going on in each gorup),Overlap (ability to multitask), Smoothness and momentum (stick to objectives), Group alerting (random questioning) and provide a stimulating seatwork (range of activties were they mus stay seated).

Causes of Attention seeking:

Behaviourist:There attention seeing behaviour is reinforced through operant conditioning. If children are not given reinfrcement at home they will look fo it elsewhere like in the classroom. More attention is givign to students who misbehave. So when they get trapped in a cycle: i misbehave i get attention, therefore when i want attention I musst


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