Disruption to Biological Rhythms: Jet Lag and Shift Work Revision Notes

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Jet Lag

·         Symptoms of jet lag include fatigue, disorientation and anxiety.

·         Winter et al (2008) calculated that it is one day to adjust to each hour of time difference.

·         Wegman et al (1989) said that jet lag symptoms are worse when travelling from West to East (Eastwards – phase advance) than when travelling East to West (Westwards – phase delay).

·         Recht et al (1995) found that baseball teams won 37% of games when travelling Eastwards but won 44% when travelling Westwards, concluding that jet lag affects performance.

·         Cho (2000) found that cabin crew had raised levels of stress hormones and do less well in memory tests compared to a control group.


·         Individual Differences

o    The effects of jet lag varies considerably between individuals as some people are more sensitive to jet lag (Arendt, 1999).

·         Supporting Evidence

o    Waterhouse et al, 1998 found that disrupted sleep


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