Disruption of attachment2

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PRIVATION - this is the lack of any attachment at all. 


Koluchova 1972... stdied twin boys from czechoslovakia who were born in 1960, and raised in a care home until 18 months, where they returned home to their mother and father but were placed in isolation until 7 years old when they were taken into social care. They were starved and beaten, and had no speech when discovered. 

They attended rehab at a school for lerning difficulties and wre fostered by two loving and caring sisters whom they formed emotional bonds with. In 1977 they were found to have average intelligience and wre very happy and sociable. In 1991, it was found that early damage had been totally repaired. 

Skuse 1984

Studied sisters who were raised by a mothe wih a mental illness and severe learnung disabilities. They were kept in a small room tied to a bed, and were covered when they became too noisy. At 3½ nd…


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