Disraeli's Imperial policies 1874 -1870

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Disraeli's Imperial Policies (page 74 to 77 of core textbook)

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aims -> actions -> outcomes -> evaluation

possible question areas?

How succesful were his imperial policies what did he achieve- successes and failures?

was he a great imperialist- does the evidence poiunt to this? Was consideration of the Empire the main factor driving his foriegn policy decision?

The degree of continuity or not between his imperial policies and those of Gladstone 1880 -  1886; comparison question betwen successes and failings of Gladstone's policies.

What is Imperialism?

This is not new to disraeli, but had existed in previous history. Britian's Empire had already stretched its building empire over many continents. By definition, it involves the subjugation, domination and exploitation of weaker peoples by a stronger colonial power, who run the territority of the colonised to suit its own interests, asserting soveriengty with the understanding that it was ''civilising'' it. 

By the end of the 17th Century GB had clonies on the east coast of America, though this was lost by the war of Independence.Britian targets India Australasia, Africa and Carriabean. This was a benefit for the colony power as it provided Economic benefits- more workers, more resources, etc but also prompted innocent trade and was good for strategy (geographic footholds like cyprus and SAfrica provided good areas for trade, ports and places for army stations). these spheres of intreset was evident to…


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