Displacement Reactions

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More Reactive Halogens will Displace Less Reactive Ones

  • The elements in Group 7 take part in displacements reactions
  • A displacement reaction is where a more reactive element "pushes out" (displaces) a less reactive element from a compound
  • For example chlorine is more reactive than iodine (its higher up in group 7)
  • So, if you add chlorine water to ptassium iodide solution the chlorine will react with the potassium in the potassium iodide to form ptassium chloride
  • The iodine is displaced from the salt and gets left in the solution, turning it brown
  • Reactions below:
  • Chlorine water + Potassium Chloride Solution= no reaction
  • Bromine water + Potassium Chloride Solution= no reaction
  • Iodine water + Potassium Chloride Solution - no reaction
  • Chlorine…




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