Discuss explanations/research of institutional aggression essay plan

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Discuss explanations/research of institutional aggression

AO1 Institutional Aggression

  • 2 types →   

Instrumental aggression- Institutional groups like army (sharing common identity) use aggression in a non-emotive manner to achieve a goal

Hostile aggression- People living in institutions like jails, care homes use aggression to release emotions e.g. anger, frustration

  • Statistics> in 2000-2001 →  there were 84 272 aggressive acts against NHS

AO1 Importation Model

One theory is the importation model- aggression occurs due to prisoners individual characteristics and social history- individuals display same behaviour in society

Criminal subculture- follow norms+values developed through career of crime, trust their inmates, show aggression towards guards

Convict subculture- inmates from in and out of the prison system, use aggression in seeking power, influenced by deprivation prior to imprisonment

Conventional subculture- one time offenders, associated with guards not prisoners, likely to be a victim and the least aggressive

AO2 Research to Support Importation Model

Mills et al- 202 inmates- Canadian prison- alcohol dependence scale- those who had high levels of alcohol in the past were more aggressive in prison


  • Culture bias- based in Canada, cannot generalise findings across all cultures such as Saudi Arabia where it is illegal to drink---> study does not support prison violence there

  • Self report method- social desirability- prisoners could lie to present themselves


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