Discuss the role of tribunals in England and Wales (11/11)

Tribunals are an important part of our legal system. Even though it is a specialised court, tribunals are a form of ADR. A tribunal will involve a legally qualified chairsperson and two lay people. It was originally set up to give the public a means of settling disputes. There are three types - administrative, domestic and employment. In the case of Peach Grey v Sommers, the High court held that tribunals are inferior to the courts. 

These specialist courts usually concern welfare and social rights. There are three different types of tribunals: Administrative, Domestic and Employment. This system operates alongside the courts structure. Cases concerning these particular matters must go to the appropriate tribunal, not a court. 

Administrative was created by a statute. It deals with enforcement and social and welfare rights. For example, social security, employment and immigration. They are usually a panel of 3. 

Domestic tribunals are internal private disciplinary bodies that operate in different institutions, such as universities and trade unions…


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