Discuss the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 on the legal system of England and Wales (14)

In 1066, the local people had no rights; meaning they weren't eligible to sue if the disagreement was based upon (for example) religion and discrimination. However, 1948 introduced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was to 'bring unity' among the countries after World War 2. It was created and drafted by representatives from al over the world, and has been translated into 500 languages. An exmaple is article 2: Right to Life. This document was basic, but was a huge milestone for the local people, as they were gaining more rights and equality. 

During the late 1970's, the UK were put before the ECHR due to our country always breaking the rules. For example, the Ireland v UK case 1978 where the ECHR rules that…


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