Disaster/hazard trends

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Explain why the economic losses caused by natural hazards have generally risen over time whereas the number of lives lost have fallen? (10/15)

  • State what natural hazard is - a natural event or process that doesn't affect people.
  • State two types (geophysical e.g earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and hydro-meteorological e.g droughts, flooding, hurricanes, fires) Could include disaster risk equation - strength of disasters effects is shown by disaster risk equation.
  • Why economic costs are rising - people are becoming richer especially in NIC's, have more possessions e.g expensive houses/cars, people are living longer so more infastructure etc, increased frequency of hazards due to climate change worsening so "clean up" will be more expensive
  • Why lives lost has fallen - hazard risk assessment has improved so less vulnerable and more capacity to cope, technology used to predict hazards e.g seismometers for earthquake magnitudes allows evacuation to take place before hazard strikes, increased scientific expertise allows adaptation structures e.g earthquake proof buildings or flood barriers like…


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