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Defining Disability

Best – disability is a person’s inability to do every day tasks e.g. washing yourself, and not being able to look after yourself

The Biomedical Definition

· Disability is a personal tragedy

· Disabled have to rely on the able-bodied

· Normalisation can only occur with round-the-clock care.

The Social Model

Oliver – Physical obstacles not as big as society’s. Disabled are deliberately excluded from society.

Best –Society generates discrimination and prejudice, problem not in physical disability.

Disabled by Society

Most of population are impaired e.g. have glasses but rarely classified as disabled

Physical facilities and attitudes should be adjusted and people are no longer ‘disabled’

Types of Disability

1. Impairment – abnormality or loss of function of a part of the body

2. Handicap – physical limits imposed by loss of function

3. Disability – socially imposed restriction on people’s abilities to perform


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