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Mechanical and Chemical Digestion

  • Action of Chewing = Mechanical digestion starts when we chew our food, making it small enough to swallow
  • Action of Swallowing = Muscles in the wall of the stomach churn our food around, breaking it into small pieces. This pulverised food provides our digestive enzymes with much easier access to the nutrients
  • Action of Digestive Enzymes in Stomach and Small Intestine = Big chemical nutrients that are too big to be dismantled into smaller molecules. Each action to break down bonds between chemicals is carried out by a particular enzyme


  • Salivary enzymes (breaks down starch into carbohydrates into maltose)
  • Amylase (breaks down starch into carbohydrates into maltose)
  • Maltase (breaks down maltose in carbohydrates into glucose)
  • Sucrase (breaks down sucrose in carbohydrates into fructose and glucose)
  • Peptidases (breaks down polypeptides into peptides)
  • Peptidases (breaks down peptides into amino acids)
  • Lipases (breaks down fats into fatty acids and glycerol)


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