Interference of Waves.

Interference occurs when two wave patterns overlap. Peaks overlapping and troughs overlapping cause constructive interfernce, whereas peaks overlapping with troughs causes destructive interference. This is also referred to as superpositioning. Wave interference can be used to prove wave nature. For example, with Young's double slit experiment. 

Young's Double Slit Experiment

Monochromatic light was orignally shone through first a single slit to make it coherent (a laser can be used as this acts as a coherent monochromatic light source). This single source then supplied light to both of the double slits. As the light diffracted through these slits the two diffraction patterns interfere with each other. Constructive interference causes an intense central fringe and less intense fringes of the same width decreasing in intensity from the central maxima. Destructive interference causes dark minima in…


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