Diet and Health



Obesity & Overweight

Definition; When someone puts on so much weight that its dangerous for their health. Combined from eating too much calories and lack of physical activity. 

Overweight increases chance of; Coronary Heart disease (CHD


    Type 2 Diabetes 

    Joint problems- osteoarthritis 

BMI; Body Mass index; Method for estimating body fat 

Ways to eat fewer Calories; Low fat dairy products

     Increase fruit&veg intake (5 a day)





Obesity and overweight are real problems, but they can be solved. It is essential to start with changing nutrition and doing exercises. As for the diets, they can work, especially if you are ready to train almost every day. I gained much weight after the second pregnancy and wanted to lose it fast. When I stopped breastfeeding, I went on a Keto diet and did workouts 5 days per week. Also, I took Keto Trim. It is a weight loss supplement that reduces appetite and helps you to get your body in a metabolic state of ketosis (you can check this article to find out more about it). I saw the result in two weeks. I was on that diet for about a month and a half, then I just began monitoring my nutrition and continued doing exercises regularly. I feel well and look the way I like now.