Biology 1 - Diet and Exercise

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Food Groups:

  • Carbohydrates: release energy
  • Proteins: growth, cell repair and replacement
  • Fats: to keep warm and for energy
  • Fibre: to keep everything movely smoothly in the diestive system
  • Vitamins and Minerals: to keep bones, blood and skin (general) healthy.

Metabolic Rate:

  • Metabolic rate is the rate in which chemical reaction happen in your body.
  • People with higher muscle to fat proportion have a h igher metabolic rate as they need more energy.
  • Bigger people have higher metabolic rates as they have more cells so your body needs to be supplied with more energy.
  • After exercise your metabolic rate stays high for a while.


  • People's diet who is out of diet are malnourished. You can be either fat or thin to be this.
  • Excess carbohydrate in the body


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