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Provide 2 A01 to explain why diets don't work (4 Marks)

There is clear face validity that most diets fail. Most people are able to lose weight but the problem starts when you attempt to maintain the weight loss; in trying to maintain the weight loss, studies have shown that rather than keeping the weight off, you end up eating more. 

Restarint thery is one of the most popular way that many people, especially women try to loose weight. It involves eating less. However, Herman and Mack suggest that restraints have negative effects, such as lower moods and the attempt to not eating can lead to over eating. 

Herman and Polivy developed the boundary model to try and explain why restraint eating leads to over eating. We have a homeostasis, to limit eating, which is controlled by the hypothalamus. This is known as the hunger to satiation 'set point'. A diet will permanently stretch the hunger and sateity boundaries further apart. Restraint eaters set limits on themselves, to limit how much they will eat. If they pass the self set limit they will become disinhibited and will eat until


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