Did the Reformation help spark off the Peasant's War of 1524-1525?

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  • The reform message spread most easily to urban cetres, but there is clear evidence that it could reach the countryside too- the revolting peasants were certainly influenced by religious demands. 
  • Their underlying concerns were social and economic. They resented rising rents, increasing demands by the landlords for feudal dues and labour services, and particularly attempts by the landlords to reduce their freedom by enserfing them. The first part of the 16th Century was a time of rising prices (inflation)- the cost of living a noble lifestyle and attending court was increasing. Therefore more had to be squeezed out of the peasant tenants. 
  • However, Luther's message had particular meaning for the peasants. Many peasants had a monastery as their landlord- they resented being squeezed by the Church for rent, which took tithes as well. They chose to interpret Luther's call for a "priesthood of all believers" as meaning there…


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