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25th February:

In the lesson today, we discussed ticket selling. Amber, Becca and Ethan decided that they would be selling the tickets during break times both in the atrium and up on the mezz. 

A list of peoples names would be written down after they have bought a ticket incase they misplace or lose theirs and need a new one printed for them to get into the show on the night.

6th March:

Today break 2 we got all the acts to come so we could get letters of acts, tell them about being off time table for a dress rehersal the day of the show, about backing tracks (if they needed us to get them a backing track) and to see if they wanted to purchase any tickets for the night for friends or family. Most of the acts attended this meeting, which made it very successful for us. Especially with the show arriving very soon, having all the acts together in a room was a great idea if they needed to ask any questions they may of had. Any questions asked were answered by us, and everyone knew what was doing- we were all on the same page.

10th March:

Today, Millie and Olivia back over 100 cakes to…


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