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Political factors:

  • Piedmont was the only state that was allowed to keep its constitution following the 1848 revolutions; the statuto (very liberal)
    - press censorship removed
    - individual liberty
  • this attracted many liberals, 30,000 political prisoners fled to Piedmont, making it the centre for a nationalist movement
  • the Connubio was later created by Cavour which was a political alliance (or marriage) between Rattazzi's centre-left part and d'Azeglio's centre-right
  • the parliament now became stronger against the crown
  • the alliance allowed Cavour to pass laws and eventually allowed him to become Prime Minister in 1852
  • in 1850, the Siccardi Laws were created by Giuseppe Siccardi, some of the laws were as followed:
    - abolishment of criminals' rights to seek refuge in churches
    - abolishment of any member of the clergy to purchase property

Economic factors:

  • in 1850, Cavour became Minister of Agriculture, Trade and Navy where he created free trade treaties with France and Britain as well as others
  • these trade treaties eventually resulted in a 300% increase between 1850-1860
  • in 1833-5, Cavour visited Britain, he became very much interested and impressed with their industrial revolution, especially the railway that linked the big cities
  • in 1851, he…


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