Developmental Psychology.Attachments-Bowlbys evolutionary theory.

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Bowlby- trained psychoanalyst- based of freuds psyhchodynamic approach(relationships between child and caregiver).

- (1969) Bowlby proposed that attachment was important for survival.Infants are physically helpless and need adults to feed,care for and protect them; without such assistance they cannot survive.

Key features of attachment:

Attachment is Adaptive

attachment increases childs survival as adults are motivated to keep child close&defend them from predators.EVOLUTIONARY BASIS.

Innate need for Care.

Infants are gentically programmed to behave the way they do to encourage attention from adults so they can be cared for.Instictive species-specific behaviours such as smiling are used to provoke attachment.

Social releases^: for infants to feel secure by stimulating a response- crying, clinging&sucking(etc).- mothers genetically programmed to respond


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